☙ Qtasis ❧

One oasis, many Qt's.
Invited, searching, stranded.

Cute as they are,
Aiming to become "the chosen one".

Every week a new one,
Introduced to you.

Give your voice,
For your favourite.

_ _ _

♥ Your vote ♥
There are a number of ways you can cast your vote and help your chosen one level up and be featured again. There are Lv. for the voting options, with 4 currently being the highest.

ko-fi Membership
ko-fi One time,
buy a Qt Product at Redbubble 
individual message under bottle post with Google account,
individual comment on Redbubble below the Qt
Redbubble Like

♥ Bottle post ♥
Suggestions, wishes, or a message for the chosen one?
Leave us a letter in a bottle here.

♥ Qtdex ♥
Here is a list of the Qt's by name and number in descending order of release and links to each platform.

♥ Redbubble Shop ♥
Here the Qt's are available on all sorts of products such as mugs, bags, hats, caps, clothing, covers, wall art and even for cuddling in bed. 

♥ ko-fi 
Here you can support Qtasis, give Lv.3 vote and for members there are extras like Lv.4 vote, suggestions, influence ...
You can find a detailed explanation here: Link

_ _ _

♥ FAQ ♥

What inspired this?
Qtasis is inspired by idols, girl groups, influencers, casting shows, magical girl series, photography, nude drawing and pin-up art.

What does Qtasis mean?
With all the names like HyVenus, Museup, Queach, Baygirl, Byusis and many others that were already taken, the process of finding a name resulted in a mashup of different things like: Qt, cutie, oasis, cute as is, queen, tiara, sis(ter), jes(u<>i)s, ecstasis... and there are certainly other puns and possible interpretations.

Do I have to pay to join?
Free participation is possible via letters in a bottle, comments in the guest book, as well as likes and comments on Redbubble, but Members at ko-fi naturally have priority.

Where do most vote?
Most of the votes are currently given via Redbubble Likes.

Is this pornography?
No, slightly erotic, explicitly sexually pornographic content is not planned so far. Maybe an artistic nude picture at most.